The Essence of a Slave

Embrace the essence of a pleasure slave: the need to belong to a man, to serve and please him. This MP3 will seduce your subconscious to embrace these desires while you listen to an entertaining erotic fantasy.

Riding a train through the desert, you imagine a band of raiders kidnapping you and taking you to a hidden palace. You’re chained to a column in the harem. The other slaves undress you, wash you and make you presentable to your new master.

The master looks into your eyes and sees your true self: the passionate pleasure slave. He also sees how you’ve repressed these desires and how you wonder ‘what if…’

Gazing back, you see yourself through his eyes. You slip into a trance and see yourself as a young woman, preparing for the ritual that reveals your true self. Some girls find themselves drawn the statue of the priestess, others to the artist, the teacher or the healer. But you are drawn the pleasure slave.

The ritual becomes a vision. And you see a master teaching his pleasure slave the true meaning of belonging. “”True belonging”, he says, “is more than mere ownership. True belonging is when you give yourself wholly to your master. Devote your mind, body, and soul to this. Open yourself to his will, welcome it within you and embrace this as the foundation of your own thoughts and desires.”

You watch as this master trains his slave to connect her sexuality to his, to become part of him, and to feel the desires he wants her to feel. The training continues until every fiber of her being cries out with the need to please him. You feel your own body echoing this need to belong, to serve and please. And you know you are ready embrace the pleasure slave within you.

You wake knowing that:

  • in your heart, you are a slave,
  • you want to belong to someone,
  • you are ready to devote yourself to serving and pleasing this person, and
  • you will experience intimacy and fulfillment through every act of giving pleasure.

Note: Although inspired by the kajira in John Norman’s Gor novels, I’ve taken a more intimate and uplifting approach towards slavery here. There is no pain or humiliation in this MP3. Instead, I’ve focused on the intimate emotional and sexual connection between master and slave.

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Devote yourself to serving and pleasing one person., Serving your Master's sexual pleasure connects you intimately fulfills you., You need to belong to someone.






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