Essence of a Slave

By | December 13, 2011

I finished writing the first draft of “Essence of a Slave” last night. This will be a kidnap and enslavement fantasy that includes suggestions to feel the needs of a slave.

The fantasy was inspired by John Norman’s Gor series. All of Norman’s kajira (slave girls) seem to share three personality traits: the need to belong to a Master, to serve them, and to be their Master’s sexual pleasure. So I’ve defined these three needs as the “essence” of a slave, and created an erotic hypnosis fantasy that will instill these needs within the listener.

But I’ve made “Essence of a Slave” more positive and uplifting than Gor; none of the torture, pain or humiliation. So this program will be excellent for training submissive women with the right attitude for consensual sexual slavery.

I’ll probably have to revise the script before I record it. But now that I’ve completed the first draft, revisions will be relatively easy.

4 thoughts on “Essence of a Slave

  1. Gentle Man

    Purchasing this recording is definitely on my todo-list. I'll keep checking back and hope to see it available.

    Your material is truly magic.

  2. Anonymous

    I love this script. It was exactly what i was hoping for, and hits right at the core of something important I couldn't name but is really crucial to me, which is too private to talk about here. 😉

    The one thing I would ask of you in future is to provide some kind of trigger phrase like you have for men in the "couch trip" mP3, something specific I can give my man to say to me that triggers behaviors, pretty please? 😉

  3. Mesmer7

    Hi Anonymous. Thank you for the compliment.

    I debated adding a trigger to this file, but decided against it. I wanted to leave the listener with the ability to choose her Master and to choose whether to be a occasional or lifestyle slave.

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