Finally finished writing Reorientation

It’s good news, bad news day.

Reorienting - Erotic hypnosis for bicurious and bisexual women

The good news is I finally finished writing the script for Reorienting. I’ve been working on this erotic hypnosis script on- and off for a year. And I think it was one of the hardest for me to write.

The goal of the script is to help bicurious women become more comfortable with their desires for other women and willing to experiment. Two things in particular made this script difficult 1) the initial induction is based on hypnotic mirroring. Although it’s easy for me to explain what this is, it was difficult to describe the way it feels during the action of the story. 2) Not putting myself into the script. With heterosexual scripts, the listener experiences sex with the narrator. But with this one. Since I’m male and the listener will be experiencing sex with another woman, I had to change my writing style.

But I think it worked out nicely. After I rehearse a few times and refine the script, I’m going to be looking for a test subject.

The bad news 1) I caught a cold last week and my throat is somewhat sore. 2) my laptop’s fan is making an awful racket and I may have to  repair or replace it before I can record.

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