Finished writing In the Pink

Finished writing In the Pink last night. This is my feminization script. This script doesn’t contain the explicit sexual activities that I normally incorporate in my erotic hypnosis files. I omitted the sex here because I wanted to keep the bimbo and slut transformations separate. A woman can be a bimbo without being a slut, or a slut without being a bimbo.

That said, the file does suggest that the listener revel in her feminine sexuality and enjoy flaunting it a bit. Not nude exhibitionism (saving that for another file), but dressing to flaunt her sexuality get attention, and provoke desire in fun ways, something I think most bimbos enjoy.

As requested, I’ve included two post-hypnotic commands that listeners can trigger for themselves. The first requires that the listener purchase a pink bracelet and wear it while listening to the file. After doing this, the listener will be able to trigger themselves into a bimbo state of mind with the bracelet.

The second command is that wearing pink panties (with the bracelet) will make the  horny.

I know most ‘bimbos’ are really sisses (guys), but I’ll list this MP3 as ‘for women’ because I’ll voice it myself, and I think both women and sissies will enjoy it.

Need to finish producing Intimate Kisses before I can record In the Pink. But I’m looking forward to hearing what people think of this approach to feminization.

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