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I finished writing the script for Pleasure Drone today. This is an abduction, brainwash and objectification fantasy inspired by the hypnosis scene in Our Man Flint. But of course, Pleasure Drone will be sexually explicit including an MFF threesome.

I almost added a trigger to the final paragraph. But in the end I decided against it. The trigger would have been to become an obedient pleasure drone at my command. And this would have helped the listener go into a trance more quickly each time they listened to the file.

But a lot of my customers are married couples. And I don’t want anyone getting concerned I might be trying to steal women from their husbands. That actually happened once. Right after I released Trance Junkie, a husband emailed me saying his wife was afraid I was trying to steal her from him. I reassured them that I wasn’t. Everything I say in these recordings is meant to be part of a fantasy. I never meet my customers in-person.

So no trigger in the Pleasure Drone script. But I am thinking about offering live skype sessions (for a fee) to install a trigger and make the listener become a drone for their spouse.

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  1. What will the post-hypnotic suggestion look like for this recording? Does it use individual names, for example?

  2. IF I do it, the post-hypnotic suggestion won't be in the recording itself. But once someone listens to the recording a few times, we could set up a skype session where I'd install the trigger.

    And in that case, I'd be able to set what ever trigger phrase the listener liked. And the response would be to become a pleasure drone for 1-2 hours after hearing the phrase. For safety reasons, I'd probably make it so that only myself and a spouse would be able to use the trigger.

  3. I can't wait until this comes out. My girlfriend and I will definitely enjoy it and we would love to install the trigger.

  4. Is all this stuff really for real? I'm not saying it isn't, because I've never done it before, it just sounds impossible.

    Like I said, I'm not saying it's impossible, frankly it'd be awesome if it was, but none of the self-hypnosis videos on YouTube ever work for me, so it just feels impossible.

    It's a great idea though!!

  5. Yes, it's for real. Different people respond to different techniques. Some people find those youtube videos effective, but most think they're a joke. Most of my listeners respond well to my mp3s.

  6. I've listened to a few on YouTube and they didn't seem to work. I tried relaxing and getting comfortable like the videos mentioned, but once they started saying commands I never felt I had to, or responded by just doing them, whenever I wanted too I just stopped and tried the next video. Never felt hypnotized.

    I've always been interested in it but it's just never worked for me, how are your mp3's different? I listened to the preview and it was awesome, but what can I do to be more hypnotizable? Am I doing something wrong?

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