Fixed the problem with the preview files

By | January 26, 2010

I test my web site as best I can with Firefox and Safari. I can’t test IE because Microsoft hasn’t issued a version of IE for the mac in at least 8 years. So if there’s a peculiarity to IE, I can only find out through feedback from visitors. And sometimes I do need that feedback.

A while back, I added a couple of commands to my .htaccess file to prevent file leaching. The commands were supposed to prevent anyone from playing the mp3 files from a link on another web site, but allow them to be played from my web site.

A few days after I inserted the commands, someone told me they couldn’t download the full-length files. So I removed those commands. But I forgot that the femdom subdomain used a separate .htaccess file and the commands were still there. My traffic monitor tells me all the sample mp3s are being accessed; and the femdom samples are being accessed the most. So I don’t see any problems.

Today, someone tells me he hasn’t been able to access the femdom mp3s for months. Took me 5 min to identify and correct the problem. I don’t know why IE has a problem when Firefox works fine. But I really wish someone had told me about the problem before. If you see a persistent problem on a web site, contact the webmaster and let them know. It could get the problem fixed a lot faster.