I want to learn hypnosis. What hypnosis books do you recommend?

Two of the most interesting books that I’ve read on hypnosis are Professional hypnotism manual: Introducing physical and emotional suggestibility and sexuality by John Kappas and My Voice Will Go with You by Sidney Rosen. I’ve also heard good things about Mindplay by Mark Wiseman. (Although I haven’t personally read it.)

Can you hypnotize someone while chatting on the INTERNET?

Yes. It’s not as effective as an audio file or an in-person induction. But it is possible. It works the same as reading a book. As you read the words, you visualize in your mind what the hypnotist is describing. The more vividly you visualize this, the deeper the trance. The basic problem with this… Read More »

How long do post-hypnotic suggestions last?

This varies from person to person. Some people only retain suggestions until the end of that day. Others retain the suggestions for days or weeks. The more often suggestions are repeated, and the more pleasure that you derive from the suggestions, the longer you will retain them. With enough repetition and reinforcement, they can be… Read More »

I only achieved a light trance, how can I go deeper?

Practice. By entering trance frequently, you train and condition your mind to enter deeper and deeper trances. It is the same as a runner who trains for a marathon. He starts with a short run, followed by progressively longer runs until he builds up the stamina for the full-length marathon. (Also, make sure you turn… Read More »

Will a hypnotized person do anything they are told?

A hypnotized person will do anything that feels good or seems to be in their best interest. They will also go out of their way to please the hypnotist. But they generally won’t do anything that violates their core beliefs or puts themselves in danger. For a more detailed answer, read Can You Be Hypnotized… Read More »

Can a person be hypnotized against their will or without their knowledge?

Not against their will. It is possible to hypnotize someone without their knowledge. There are several covert techniques for introducing a trance without the subject knowing. However, these techniques are easy to resist when you recognize them.

Can anyone be hypnotized?

Nearly everyone. Some medications and medical conditions that affect the brain may inhibit the ability to enter trance as well as the ability to retain suggestions. However, the literature on this subject is scarce and inconsistent. In fact, most people briefly put themselves in a trance once or twice per day. But different people respond… Read More »