How long does it take for hypnosis recordings to be effective?

Q: How long does it take for hypnosis recordings to be effective?

A: This is a very individual thing, and depends on many different factors. So let me borrow a model from the technical communication field.

The collaborative model of communication is also applicable to hypnosis. This model states that a speaker and listener collaborate to develop meaning (or in the case of hypnosis, to develop results). Every word and idea that the listener hears is given meaning by the listener’s understanding of those words and their experience with the concepts presented.

Ideas presented in hypnosis may also be reinforced by repeated listening of the hypnosis mp3. Social interactions and other activities may also reinforce the ideas and contribute  to the success of the change you’re trying to achieve.

For example, two of my customers who bought The Pleasure Principle had somewhat different experiences. One customer was in a relationship at the time. She bought the program because stress of family hardships had diminished her sex drive. She reported that she experienced immediate intense arousal after listening to the program just once.

Another customer had recently left an abusive relationship. She bought the program and listened to it several times. But without a boyfriend or husband, she wasn’t that motivated to increase her desire, and she didn’t have any outside reinforcement of the suggestions within the program. After a couple of months, she reported only a slight increase.

Both of these results may be considered normal. It’s a very individual thing.

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