How to Benefit from Feminization Hypnosis

How to Benefit from Feminization Hypnosis

Feminization hypnosis is a popular subgenre of  erotic hypnosis. Many sissies and transgendered women use it to bring out their feminine nature. But Cis women can also benefit from it.

Feminization means nurturing feminine qualities and making them dominant over masculine ones. Everyone defines femininity differently. Many hypnotists equate femininity with grace, beauty, or submission. Others equate it with appearances, which is why many erotic hypnotists focus on feminine adornments (i.e., long hair, dresses, and makeup). And that may be fine for sissies and fetishists. But cis women and transgendered individuals will benefit from a different kind of feminization hypnosis, one that helps develop deeper embodiment and mindful awareness.

This means getting in touch with the way your body expresses it’s femininity and nurturing this expression through mindful attentiveness. Infants are naturally attentive to their senses as they learn about their bodies and their surroundings. But as you learn to read and plan for the future, you spend more time ignoring your senses than attending to them. Doing schoolwork, planning for the next day, rehashing the past, or just watching TV to unwind, all these activities take your attention outside your body.

When you immerse yourself in these activities all day, every day, you condition yourself into the habit of not being attentive. This becomes such a habit that it feels natural, even though it is actually a learned and conditioned behavior. And when it’s time to enjoy sex, where mindfulness is essential, it can be difficult to bring yourself back to being mindfully present.

But being attentive to your body’s signals is essential to feeling feminine, and experiencing sexual arousal, pleasure, and satisfaction. Research shows that signals between the brain and body strengthen with attention and weaken with inattention. Your clothes brush against your skin all day long, but you don’t pay attention to the sensations. So your brain reduces the strength of nerve impulses. Your skin seems to grow less sensitive as you age. But if you take the time, a little time each day, to focus on the sensations that come from touching different textures, the brain will strengthen the nerve impulses between the skin and the brain.

This also happens with sexual stimuli. If you ‘zone out’ during sex, think about work or tomorrow’s to-do list, the brain reduces the strength of your body’s signals. No mental arousal means weak physical arousal. But if you mentally focus on your body’s sensations, the brain strengthens the signals. Mental and physical arousal synchronize and amplify each other, leading to greater pleasure.

Defining Femininity

According to Taoism, being feminine also means being empathic and receptive, relying on intuition, and nurturing growth, and self-awareness. This means that empathy and receptivity are the most basic traits of femininity. Feminization, therefore, begins with nurturing your emotional awareness, learning to recognize your own emotions and the emotions of others. Second, allowing yourself to empathize (or share) other people’s emotions. Be more attentive to non-verbal cues, like body language, tone of voice, facial expressions. Allow yourself to engage in emotional rapport without losing yourself. Third, learn to be generous with your emotions, sharing them with friends and lovers without imposing. View the adornments (hair, dress, and makeup) as invitations to sexual and emotional rapport.

Applying Feminization Hypnosis

Feminization hypnosis (especially progressive relaxation inductions) naturally helps strengthen the mind/body connection. So including suggestions to be mindfully attentive to your body’s sexual signals naturally helps cis women feel more feminine, sexually aware, and attractive. Once you develop this mindset, you can then see the adornments (hair, dress, and makeup) for what they are, invitations to sexual and emotional rapport.

Hypnotic Dreams offers several hypnosis MP3s to help with mindful awareness of your embodiment and feminine sexuality, including Introducing Erotic Hypnosis, Good Vibrations, The Artist’s Brush, and In The Pink. Start with one of these, and then progress to practicing with real people (friends, lovers, and coworkers) and avoid TV and radio personalities, as most broadcasters project only toxic emotions.

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