Hyperempiria, The Art of Hypnotic Storytelling

Hypnosis has been a popular therapeutic tool for over a century. Stage hypnotists have also used hypnosis to entertain crowds for several decades. But now a new application is emerging, the hypnotic audio story.

Hypnotic stories aren’t entirely new. Noted hypnotherapist, Milton Erickson often told stories to help his patients reframe problems and accept suggestions. But what began as a therapeutic tool is now growing into an art form that can be simultaneously entertaining and beneficial.

Stories have a special ability to engage our minds. When you read or hear a particularly good story, you naturally visualize what the words describe. You see in your mind the people, the places, and the action described. And to do this, you actually place yourself in a slight hypnotic trance.

Hypnotic audio stories take this even further. By incorporating hypnotic language into a story, the storyteller can help you visualize people, places, and objects move vividly. Hypnotic stories can also help you experience sounds, scents, touches, and even emotions. When performed well, a hypnotic audio story can create a detailed and moving experience. The listener can ‘become’ the character in the story, experiencing (and sometimes learning) everything that the story’s character does.

A few years ago, the idea of virtual reality peaked a lot of interest. People became fascinated by the idea that they could experience an entire adventure (all the sights, sounds and physical sensations) by immersing themselves in a computer program. Computers cannot produce total immersion, but human minds can.

The art of crafting hypnotic suggestions to elicit sensory experience is sometimes called ‘hyperempiria’. The name is derived from ‘hyper’, meaning enhanced, and ’empiria’, referring to experience. The name isn’t widely used, but it is apt. For listeners, hypnotic audio stories provide opportunities to explore a variety of experiences enhanced by positive affirmations or post-hypnotic suggestion for building self confidence, reducing sexual inhibitions, eating healthy, overcoming phobias, and becoming open to new experiences.

Hypnotic storytelling is essentially a new art form, and has yet to receive widespread recognition. But it is an art form with an unlimited potential for exploring and enhancing many facets of human experience.

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