Hypnosis and the Needs of the Submissive

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When I first came online to discuss hypnosis and dominance and submission, a few submissives told me that a true dominant doesn’t need to hypnotize his sub to control her. But the truth is hypnosis isn’t always about what the dominant wants. Sometimes, it’s about what the submissive needs to feel controlled, to let go of their inhibitions, or to develop their sexual potential.

Many dominants view themselves as mentors; and they view their submissives as students. We want to help our submissives grow sexuality, and to realize their full potential for submission, service and pleasure. But each submissive comes to us with a different set of needs. Some need to overcome inhibitions against oral sex, some need to get rid of that inner voice that rebels against authority, some need help reaching arousal more quickly, and some need help simply to accept their own sexual desires. If the dominant were to try training these subs with the same methods they used for an experienced masochist, They would quickly lose the subsmissive’s trust and respect.

Essence of a Slave

The Essence of a Slave

Mental conditioning for BDSM and deep hypnotic slavery


I’m reminded of an early episode of Star Trek Voyager. Tuvok, the security officer, is tasked with training a group of people who were involuntarily added to the ship’s crew. He tries to train them using the same methods that he previously used with Starfleet cadets. But his original methods don’t work with these people. He has to adjust his training methods to accommodate the different needs of the new students.

Of course Voyager wasn’t the only program to explore this theme. Other shows like Welcome Back Kotter and movies like The Ron Clark Story showed us students who couldn’t be reached with conventional teaching methods. But they also showed that teachers, by adjusting their methods, could reach the students, engage them, and help them grow.

Like the above mentioned teachers, dominants must continually reevaluate their submissives’ needs and adjust our training methods accordingly. And hypnosis can provide an effective way to reach and train difficult subs. With hypnosis, we can quell the inner rebellious voice, that voice that habitually says ‘no’ even when the submissive want’s to say ‘yes.’ We can reach past the bad habits and the social conditioning, and build new mental pathways to help the submissive explore their sexual potential.