Hypnosis Can Help Women Enjoy Fellatio

Fellatio is an Intimate Kiss

Many women enjoy performing fellatio, but many do it only to please their men. Women who enjoy it understand that fellatio is more than just sucking a man’s cock. It’s a kiss, a deeply intimate kiss through which a woman expresses her love for her man’s sexuality while sharing her excitement and anticipation for sexual pleasure.

We kiss for many reasons. To express affection and desire. To encourage our lovers to share these feelings, To measure a lover’s desire and receptivity towards more intimate activities. And to synchronize our desires as we elevate them into passion. This may seem like a lot to expect from a kiss. But our lips have evolved to meet these needs. Our lips are among the most sensitive parts of our bodies. So a kiss can be all these things. And with the right attitude, fellatio can be all this and more.

As with any sexual activity, positive anticipation is essential. Thinking that fellatio might be dirty or degrading can make it feel degrading. Thinking that it’s only for him, can make it feel like an imposition. Either attitude can prevent you from fulling engaging and enjoying oral sex. But believing that you’re sharing your desire and excitement through with fellatio, that it’s for your pleasure as well as his, will prepare you to become receptive to the pleasures of it.

Fellatio, like every other form of foreplay, is about sharing desire. When you flirt or talk dirty, you project desire into your voice, your lover hears this and, when open to it, grows excited with you. When you kiss on the lips, you project your desire through your lips, your lover accepts your desire and grows more excited. As you touch and kiss your way down their body, you anticipate greater arousal and excitement. You share this anticipation through your kisses, which excites them to greater arousal.

Your lips are sensitive enough to feel a lover’s excitement growing. And when you’re open to it, feeling their excitement through your lips can increase your excitement as well. The closer you get to their cock, the root of a man’s sexuality, the more clearly you can feel their desire and excitement. The more fully you immerse yourself in this shared excitement, the more pleasure for both of you.

Of course, it’s one thing to know that all this is possible. It’s another to feel it in the moment. Women who feel it in the moment, immerse themselves in the sensations of shared excitement. This enables you to enjoy the pleasure of giving fellatio. Women who think too much or anticipate negative feelings prevent themselves from sharing their lover’s excitement and therefore prevent themselves from enjoying fellatio.

Negative thoughts and feelings can be conditioned like a habit, which makes them difficult to overcome. But this is where erotic hypnosis can help.

How Hypnosis Can Help

Hypnosis doesn’t change who you are (unless you want to be changed) or make you do anything against your will (unless that’s what you want). But it can help you overcome negative thinking. And it can help you condition yourself to enjoy being in the moment of shared excitement. One hypnotic technique that works particularly well for this is called ‘reframing’. This technique literally reframes an experiences with a new perspective. The hypnotist helps build a new, more positive understanding for an activity. The new understanding replaces the old, and enables you to enjoy the activity with new meaning.

In a trance, you focus fully on either on a single sensation or feeling; preventing negative thoughts from distracting you. This enables you to enjoy the pleasures of the moment. For example, most women naturally slip into an emotionally and sensually receptive state when they kiss a man’s lips. Hypnosis will help you preserve this state of mind as you slide your lips over his cock. Staying in this emotionally and sensually receptive state of will enable you to become more attuned to the feeling his excitement through your lips. And it will help you enjoy the pleasure of giving fellatio.

When I include fellatio in an erotic hypnosis MP3 for women, whether for a vanilla or a D/s fantasy, this is the way I present it. But in The Ultimate Kiss I take it even further, including post hypnotic suggestions to help you condition yourself to this belief and this receptiveness. So you can become more attuned to your shared desire and excitement every time you go down on your man. This will enable you to create more pleasure for both you and your man.

Hypnotic Dreams offers a variety of erotic hypnosis audio files to help women enjoy fellatio in both conventional and D/s relationships.

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