Hypnosis for bi-curious and bisexual women

Reorienting - Erotic hypnosis for bicurious and bisexual women

When I started researching hypnosis and sexuality, I came across this book,  Professional hypnotism manual: Introducing physical and emotional suggestibility and sexuality by John Kappas. Kappas argued that sexual orientation could be best described as a spectrum. If you put 100% heterosexuality at one end of the spectrum, and 100% homosexuality at the other end, most people will actually [biologically] fall somewhere in between.

Kappas argued everyone’s orientation is unique. It’s quite normal for some people to be 75% hetero and 25% homosexual, while others are 50% hetero and 50% homosexual. And it’s normal for many people’s sexuality to shift from time to time due to their physical and emotional needs.

Cultural, social, and family pressures force people into thinking that they need to choose being either hetero or homosexual. And it’s the conflict between your nature and these social pressures that cause conflict, confusion and anxiety. The best way to deal with this conflict (as difficult as it may be) is to focus on self discovery and self awareness. Accept that your body is unique, and no one can determine your orientation but you.

Some of the women I’ve talked with have told me they understood all of this, but still found it very difficult to resolve this issue in their own minds. So for them, and women like them, I developed Reorienting. This hypnosis program that helps women get in touch with their feelings for other women, and accept these feelings as normal.

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