7 Ways to Use Hypnosis for Sex

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Yes, you can use hypnosis for sex. TV and comic books have given hypnosis a bad rap. For more than 60 years, both mediums have portrayed hypnosis as a means for villains to control unsuspecting victims. But real hypnosis can be extremely beneficial, and we can use it to enhance our sexual pleasure.

Hypnosis is a versatile tool, as versatile as the human mind. It’s only limitations are your imagination and your consent. Hypnotherapists have been using hypnosis to help clients with sexual issues for decades. And hypnosis enthusiasts have discovered even more ways to use hypnosis to explore your sexuality and enhance your pleasure.

Whether you see a professional therapist or an enthusiast, you can use hypnosis to:

  1. increase your desire for sex (libido)
  2. overcome inhibitions
  3. become more attuned to your body
  4. become more orgasmic
  5. become a better lover
  6. enjoy erotic entertainment
  7. experience a hands-free orgasm

1. Increase Your Desire for Sex

Sex provides many health benefits, and many factors influence your desire for sex. A new relationship can increase your desire. Stress and anxiety can reduce it. An erotic story can reignite your interest. An illness or injury can your put all interest on hold. So it’s normal for your desire for sex to fluctuate. But a low libido can strain an otherwise good relationship. So it’s worth the effort to restore your desire or synchronize it with your lover’s libido. And yes, you can use hypnosis for this.

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2. Overcome Inhibitions

Everyone has some sexual inhibitions. Many of these are perfectly normal. Like refusing to have sex in a moving car because you don’t want to die — perfectly normal. But many people also suffer from inhibitions towards normal sexual activities, like simply being naked in front of a lover, performing fellatio, or receiving cunnilingus. Inhibitions like these can make you anxious about sex. Left unaddressed, such anxiety can prevent some people from even getting involved in relationships.

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3. Become more Attuned to Your Body

Many women (and some men) become deeply aroused by a kiss on the neck or the ear. Others become more aroused by touching and kissing their lover. Your skin, which covers your whole body, is your largest and most sensitive sex organ. Surrendering to the pleasure of being touched is essential for sexual arousal. But we get into the habit of ignoring our sense of touch. We don our clothes, then ignore they way they feel as we go about our day. And when we ignore this sense, we disconnect from our sexuality, and reduce our ability to enjoy sex.

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4. Become more Orgasmic

Orgasm is a natural response to rhythmic sexual stimulation. Few men have trouble reaching orgasm, but many women do. Recent research shows that synchronicity between rhythms in the body and brain is key. Which means you need to let the rhythm flow freely throughout your mind and body.

As I stated above, we get in the habit of guarding our emotions, and this habit can become a barrier to reaching orgasm. Hypnosis can help by drawing your attention to your physical rhythms, like breathing. You focus on feeling the rhythm of your breathing, which naturally relaxes you and synchronizes your mental and physical rhythms.

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5. Become a better lover

Good sex requires skills; skills that aren’t taught in school. So learning to be a good lover requires practice, patience, and a willingness to experiment and learn. Most importantly, it also requires empathy and the ability to establish sexual rapport through physical contact.

Rapport is harmonious emotional communication. It’s important in all relationships, but especially intimate relationships. There are many different ways to build rapport, but the most important elements are being attentive and empathic.

Most people are naturally empathic. But to protect ourselves from manipulation, we get into the habit of guarding our emotions. This is where hypnosis can help. Hypnotists build rapport with their subjects prior to guiding the subject into trance. When you allow yourself to be hypnotized, recognize the way it feels to be in rapport with the hypnotist. You can then share these feelings with your lover and learn to build on them during sex. This rapport will enable you to learn how your lover’s body responds to different ways of being touched, and enable you give them more pleasure.

6. Hypnosis for Erotic Entertainment

Erotic hypnosis is relatively new (at least compared to porn and romance novels). But people have enjoyed phone sex for as long as we’ve had phones. People listen to erotic audio for the same reasons, to enhance our mood and evoke sexual arousal and excitement. Erotic hypnosis enables the listener to become more receptive, and more deeply influenced by the hypnotist’s voice. When the hypnotist speaks with a slow and relaxed pace, the listener feels that relaxation flowing into their body. And when the hypnotist shares their arousal and excitement, the listener can feel his or her own body respond.

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7. Hands-Free Orgasm (HFO)

When The Erotic Woman‘s Nat Ion reviewed my mp3, Hypnotically Seduced, she noted that it could be used two ways. You could masturbate while listening. Or you could follow the hypnotist’s suggestions, let yourself go into a deep trance and experience a the fantasy as a virtual experience within your mind.

Most people can visualize sexual activity vividly enough to arouse their bodies. With hypnosis, you can take it even further. The deeper you go into a trance, the more vividly you can imagine your sexual fantasy. You can actually see and hear (in your mind) the sights and sounds the hypnotist suggests. Go deep enough and you can actually feel every kiss and caress. With practice, many people are able to visualize this vividly enough to orgasm without actually being touched.


Of course, there are many more ways to use hypnosis for sex. The only limits are your imagination and your consent.

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