hypnosis for sexual counselors…?

A friend request on Facebook reminded me of another potential market for my recordings.

Introducing Erotic Hypnosis, The Pleasure Principle, The Ultimate Kiss and the upcoming The Artist’s Brush all include post-hypnotic suggestions for improved sexual health and intimacy. Well today I was reminded that some relationship counselors and sex educators might be willing to recommend my recordings to their clients.

The original thought occurred when one of my customers revealed that she was a dating and relationship commentator. She asked me if I’d let her give away a free copy of The Pleasure Principle to her blog audience. I said yes, if she wrote a review of it too. It seemed like a good idea. But unfortunately, nothing came of it.

I was reminded of this today when a different relationship counselor sent me a friend request on Facebook. It would be interesting to see if I could sell to more of these counselors and have them recommend my recordings to their clients. I’ll have to mention this to the press agent I hired and see if he can help me reach that audience.

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