Hypnosis Helps Women Reach Orgasm

woman learning to orgasm through hypnosis

Can hypnosis help women reach orgasm?

Yes, it can. First, its important to understand that the word ‘reach’ is misleading here. Orgasm isn’t an achievement. It’s a response. Which means rather than striving to reach it, you need to be receptive to letting it happen.

Orgasm is a natural response to rhythmic sexual stimulation. But to experience this response, you need to allow the rhythm to take over. Recent research shows that synchronicity between rhythms in the body and brain is key.1 Which means you need to let the rhythm flow freely throughout your mind and body. Allow the your body to move with the rhythm (just like dancing), and allow your body’s physical sensations to completely fill your awareness.

When you allow this, you enter a natural sexual trance. This trance enables you to immerse yourself in your body’s rhythms and sensations. The mental immersion enables your body to respond more fully to the sexual stimulation. This leads to greater arousal, which naturally builds to orgasm.

But if this is a natural response, why don’t women experience orgasm more easily? Lots of reasons; every woman is different.2 Some women never learn to enter this mental state during sex. Others hold too tightly to their self control and never let go. Mental states are habitual. School, work, and many social activities force us in to a state of continual alertness. And once you establish the habit of holding onto that mental state, it becomes difficult to let it go.

This is where hypnosis can help.

The Rhythm of Hypnosis

Hypnosis is the process of guiding someone into a trance. Hypnotists employ many different methods for inducing a trance, many of which draw your attention to your body’s rhythms.

One of the most common methods starts by drawing your attention to your breathing. You focus on feeling the rhythm of your breathing, which naturally relaxes you and synchronizes your mental and physical rhythms. Progressive relaxation methods draw your to attention from one part of your body to another, relaxing each part in turn. As you focus on relaxing each part of the body, you naturally slow your mental rhythms to match the pacing of the hypnotist’s voice. Eye fascination methods (like pendulums and spirals) also draw your attention into the foci’s rhythm.

Each of these methods help you become familiar with the trance state that synchronizes your mental and physical rhythms. And with a few post-hypnotic suggestions, you can easily learn to return to this mental state during sex and bask in the arousal that leads to orgasm.

Hypnotherapy vs Erotic Hypnosis

If you wish to be hypnotized, you have several options: visit a hypnotherapist3, seek out an erotic hypnotist, or purchase an audio recording. Hypnotherapy focuses on giving you tools to solve problems. This can be helpful if you suffer from a lack of desire, self-confidence issues, or a fear of intimacy. It can also be helpful if stress from work or a previous traumatic experience is stopping you from letting go.

Erotic hypnosis focuses on giving you an enjoyable experience. This can be helpful if you’ve never experienced orgasm or learned to enter the sexual trance state. It’s also helpful if you’re not currently in a relationship and want to experiment on your own. Erotic hypnosis is especially good for exploring ‘unconventional’ sexual fantasies, such as student-teacher fantasies, being seduced by a stranger, or being trained for sexual submission.

Whichever way you choose to explore hypnosis, you can learn how it feels to focus on your body’s rhythms, allow them to overwhelm your awareness and carry you into a sexual trance. You can feel this state of mind as a natural part of your body’s response to being sexually stimulated. And once you learn this, you can enjoy the pleasure of orgasming when and where you choose, alone or with a lover.


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