Hypnosis Safety Question

I received an email today asking about hypnosis safety. This potential new sub stated that she had read of hypnotists abusing their sub’s trust and implanting post-hypnotic triggers that made the sub vomit whenever she heard a trigger phrase. The incident that she cited wasn’t just abusive, it was also sloppy and created a lot of problems for the sub.

I’ve heard of several amateurs causing similar problems. So I can understand why the potential new sub would be concerned. Unfortunately, it’s impossible for me to know what every hypnotist online intends to do with their subs. The best advice I can give is not to let strangers hypnotize you. Get to know someone well before you let them hypnotize you. Most of the time you can get a good sense of trust and compatibility from discussing goals, fantasies, and past experiences. Not always, but most of the time. Talk with other subs in the erotic hypnosis communities, they’ll let you know if they’ve had a good or bad experience with a particular hypnotist.

I tried to account for potential abuse in two of my recordings. My recording, Trance Conditioning, includes the following post hypnotic suggestion:

If anything happens while you’re in a trance that requires your full attention or threatens your safety, you know you can wake and deal with the situation; returning to the trance when …it is safe. Or if a hypnotist gives you a suggestion that makes you uncomfortable, you know you can wake and talk about your concern before you accept the suggestion. Your subconscious will always protect you from harm.

And Obedient Desire contains the following:

Your safety is as important as fulfillment. You may also select just one  person to obey. You will love, cherish and obey this one person. Obey every safe command that they give, and disregard commands that may be harmful.

Of course, it’s impossible to foresee every possible situation. But taking at least basic precautions can minimize risk.


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