Hypnosis to become more ograsmic

A woman emailed this question this week:

Can hypnosis help me become more orgasmic?

Yes. There are a few ways in which hypnosis can help.

The mental state in which most people orgasm is a state in which you forget about everything else around you immerse yourself in your body’s physical sensations. It is a natural trance.

Most people don’t realize this, they just recognize the ‘feel’ of being overwhelmed by their body’s sensations. But failing to enter this state of mind will prevent someone from reaching organism.

There are several possible reasons a woman might not enter this state: she might be too self conscious, she might not know or trust their partner well enough, she might subconsciously believe she’s not supposed to enjoy sex, or she just might not have experienced that state of mind in the context of having sex.

Whatever the reason, hypnosis can certainly help. With hypnosis (especially with erotic hypnosis), you can become familiar with the trance state that enables orgasm. You can feel this state of mind as a natural part of your body’s response to being sexually touched. And you can train yourself to slip into this state of mind whenever you are with your lover.

With guided visualization (the type of suggestions given to you under hypnosis), you can see yourself relaxing into your lover’s touch or kiss and allowing yourself to fully immerse in the pleasure of your body’s sensations.

Your subconscious cannot distinguish the memory of a real experience from that of a fantasy.  So fantasizing about the way you will respond (especially when in a trance) can help condition your mind to enter a trance when touched or kissed sexually. And this will help you achieve more frequent and satisfying orgasms.

I included suggestions for this in Introducing Erotic Hypnosis and The Pleasure Principle.

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