Can You Be Hypnotized to Act Against Your Will?

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In general, no. Hypnosis can’t force you to do something against your will. However, the will itself is malleable. And for many hypnofetishists, being changed to wanting (or doing) something they wouldn’t want (or do) on their own is the main attraction of erotic hypnosis. So sometimes, yes.

Hypnosis is a Cooperative Effort

Hypnosis is always a cooperative effort between hypnotist and subject. The hypnotist makes a suggestion, and the subject decides whether to accept it or act on it. Even when the decision appears involuntary, it’s always the subject’s choice. But there are times when a subject may accept a suggestion without being consciously aware of why.

Many factors contribute to the subject’s willingness to accept suggestions, including:

  • the environment in which the suggestion is given, and the expectations created by that environment,
  • the rapport between hypnotist and subject,
  • the wording of the suggestion, and the context of the suggestion.

The environment of the session

The environment creates a set of expectations. For example, when someone volunteers for a stage show, they expect to help entertain the audience. So they’re more likely to accept suggestions to act silly or outrageous than to change their core beliefs. Conversely, D/s sessions often include elements behavior and personality modification. So when hypnotized during a session, or when listening to a submission training MP3, subjects expect the hypnotist to suggest changes to their behavior and personality. Many people become sexually aroused just by hearing the suggestion to change. In this context. you will be more inclined to accept suggestions to do things you wouldn’t do on your own.

The rapport between hypnotist and subject

Rapport is defined as a harmonious or sympathetic interaction. Hypnotists (and dominants who don’t use hypnosis) may establish rapport through non-verbal body language, vocal tone, or a progression of suggestions. With hypnosis mp3s, vocal tone is the best way to establish rapport. The hypnotist may talk slowly to help the you relax into a trance, then more provocatively to inspire you to become excited and aroused. Depending on the scenario, a hypnotist might adopt a harsh and demanding tone, or a soothing but seductive one. When you feel your body responding to the hypnotist’s tone, you know you’ve got a good rapport. This helps you become receptive to suggestions for deeper arousal. And, of course, the more aroused you become, the more eager you become for deeper rapport. And the more likely you will be to accept suggestions that will lead to that deeper rapport.

For more about the emotional content of the voice, read Erotic Audio: Why We Enjoy It.


Language and wording are also essential for maintaining and deepening rapport. Hypnotists define their character and their relationship with the subject with words. Using the right words, hypnotists can establish themselves as respected authority figures, mentors. Using the wrong words may make them seem like opportunists, predators, or wannabes. Naturally, subjects will more readily accept suggestions from authority figures and mentors, especially suggestions for personality or behavioral changes.

Placing the suggestion in a positive context

One of the most effective ways to manipulate the subject’s desires is to set up the new behavior as a condition of achieving a pre-existing goal. Parents do this with their kids: “If you want to have dessert, you have to eat your vegetables.” I use conditional statements like this in my submissive training mp3s. In Obedient Desire, I suggest that obedient women are more sexually attractive to men. And if you want a man to find you sexually attractive, you will happily obey him. Of course, in the recording, I give the suggestion more subtly and placed in the context of the listener trying to impress her first crush.

Another example is the woman who started an evening by suggesting her man dress like a woman. He refused. Then she asked, “Would you like to be a standup comic, have your own TV variety show, and earn $20,000 every week?” He said yes. Then she suggested that he act like a comic who was famous for his cross-dressing skits. This time he agreed. It was no longer ‘against his will’.

Consent to Be Changed

Many (not all) people in the erotic hypnosis community are excited by fantasies of being made to believe, do, or feel things against their will. This desire makes them receptive to having their will changed or broken, and being made to do something that they would have previously resisted.

There are many reasons for these fantasies, including:

  • the desire to feel excitement, arousal, and pleasure,
  • the desire to feel sexually controlled,
  • desire for a more harmonious D/s relationship.

Everyone naturally desires to feel excitement, arousal and pleasure. And our literature (books, comics, movies, TV, etc) shows us how we can experience these emotions. From the sirens of ancient Greek myths to a recent episode of Agents of Shield, our literature continuously shows us that mind controlled people experience the feelings we want to feel. Seeing it over and over, especially in your formative years, you believe it. And when you believe that being hypnotically controlled can satisfy your desires, you welcome a hypnotist’s effort to change you.

Both men and women enjoy fantasies of being sexually controlled, i.e., forced arousal fantasies. These fantasies may be inspired by the desire for the emotional resonance I describe in Developing Subspace with Hypnosis. They may be inspired by the conflict between sexual desire and social responsibility. Or they may be inspired by the belief that being controlled can elicit more intense arousal and excitement. (An idea that also inspires my supernatural erotic fantasies.) Many (especially submissive men) also enjoy the fantasy of the devious hypnotist who uses that arousal to break their will.

Building the Perfect Fetish - Experience the erotic conditionng that creates a hypnosis fetishMany submissive hypnofetishists also want to enjoy deeper, more intimate D/s relationships. They want to be more submissive, more obedient, more devoted, more easily aroused, etc. Some submissives want to give these things freely. But others want their Master or Mistress to condition their responses until they become automatic or involuntary. Many of these subs even fantasize about completely surrendering their will to a Master or Mistress. And these fantasies make the submissive receptive to having their will broken or changed.


While hypnosis can’t really force you do anything against your will. There are times when the will is more flexible than the conscious mind admits. Sexual fantasies, goals, and pre-existing beliefs, can enable a hypnotist to bend and change your will. Within a consensual D/s relationship a skilled hypnotist can persuade you to do things you previously would have resisted. And for some people, that’s what makes hypnosis so erotic.

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