Idea for an addiction fantasy

By | December 1, 2009

This weekend I read the old Daredevil graphic novel, Hell to Pay. The villain, Mr. Fear, used several chemical concoctions to make women deathly afraid of disappointing him. Their fear made them his puppets; he used 3 girls for sex, and two for murder. And it reminded me of the standard cop-show plot where pimps get a girl hooked on coke, meth or some other drug, and use the addiction to enslave them and whore them out.

I always liked the idea of making women addicted to my hypnotic control. But I didn’t think I could write the fantasy in a way that would appeal to women. That is, until I read Hell to Pay and I saw that the girls being used felt totally humiliated. Since a lot of women do seem to fantasize about sexual humiliation, maybe I could combine the ideas of addiction and humiliation in to a single story. Make the listener feel both aroused and humiliated as they beg to be hypnotized in front of a group of women.

Still not sure how many women this fantasy would appeal to, but I jotted down a outline for a script, and saved it with the working title Trance junkie. I’ll come back to it after I finish the fellatio and bisexual fantasies.