Increase Your Libido with Erotic Hypnosis

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Low libido seems to be a fairly common problem. According to a study published in the Archives of International Medicine, somewhere between 26% and 52% of women in the USA suffer from low libido or inadequate sexual pleasure. And a new study in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy shows that mental arousal can be a major contributing factor.

Sex engages us mentally, physically and emotionally, which means many factors can affect your libido. A new relationship can increase desire, stress and anxiety can reduce it. An erotic story can increase desire, an injury or illness can reduce it. It’s normal for sexual desire to fluctuate. But sex provides many health benefits. And a low libido (or even a mismatched libido) can strain an otherwise good relationship. So if your libido remains low for too long, it’s worth the effort to bring it back.

Positive Anticipation

Positive anticipation is essential for sexual desire. And it’s not enough to anticipate the physical activity. Anticipating excitement, intimacy, and enjoyment are equally important for fueling your libido. Positive emotions are intrinsically pleasurable. Excitement, joy, arousal and feeling sexually connected all feel good. So the desire to experience these emotions provides strong motivation for wanting sex.

When you lose this mental connection, when you stop believing that sex provides positive feelings, or when you get stuck between conflicting ideas, you lose your desire for sex. Erotic hypnosis helps restore your desire by strengthening these mental associations and building (or rebuilding) positive anticipation.

Any number of things can cause someone to lose this mental connection. Doctors may warn a person with a back injury that sex would make the injury worse. Some medications inhibit hormone production or response. People taking these meds may come to believe they can’t reach the level of excitement necessary to enjoy sex. Over stressing about work, family, or finances can simply push the positive anticipation of sex out of the mind.

New experiences can build (or rebuild) these mental connections. And with erotic hypnosis we can create mental experiences specifically for building positive anticipation. This will increase your libido in a natural, healthy way.

How Erotic Hypnosis can Increase Your Libido

The Pleasure Principle - Increase your sex drive with erotic hypnosisHypnosis uses words to invoke sense memories and inspire mental images. Erotic hypnosis invokes erotic images and scenes. Depending on your goals, the hypnotist may simply invoke memories of previous sexual experiences or they may create elaborate fantasy scenes.

Within a scene, the hypnotist will suggest you experience both physical sensations and positive emotional responses to those sensations. Physical sensations include statements like “feel me touching your body” or “feel the warmth of my touch flowing into you”. Emotional suggestions may include statements like “it feels good”, “this is exciting” and “you want more”. Linking positive emotional responses to physical sensations and following this with suggestions to look forward to experiencing more creates the positive anticipation so essential to sexual desire.

In a deep trance, these scenes can feel real. You can see, hear and feel everything that is suggested. It can feel real enough to stimulate the heart and breathing and generate real excitement. But even in a lite trance, you can see images in your mind and feel your body responding with excitement and arousal.

Once you wake, the memory of the experience may be just as strong as memories of other experiences. Even people who experience hypnotic amnesia will have a subconscious memory that contributes to positive anticipation for future sexual arousal. Especially after several repeated sessions with similar suggestions.

Hypnotherapy vs Erotic Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy focuses on helping you develop tools for self improvement. Erotic hypnosis focuses on giving you an experience.

Also, hypnotherapists must also be careful. For the last half century, they have been working against the pop culture portrayal of hypnotists. Movies, TV shows, and comic books from Dracula to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. have shown hypnotists as evil mind-controlling villains. So they’ve established professional boundaries to limit the types of trances and suggestions they offer.

Erotic hypnosis can go beyond those limits, creating deeply intimate, sexual experiences. The only restriction is mutual consent between the hypnotist and subject. This means that erotic hypnotism can help you explore wild sexual fantasies such as kidnap fantasies, forced arousal, and BDSM fantasies. And these types of experiences create a stronger, more lasting impressions than therapeutic hypnosis.

For some people, just knowing they can explore their wilder fantasies is enough to ignite sexual desire. For others, exploring their fantasies inspires new ideas, which inspires new passion and the positive anticipation that will increase your libido.

Hypnotic Dreams offers a variety of erotic hypnosis audio files that include positive affirmations and post-hypnotic suggestions to increase sexual desire and pleasure.

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