Learning to Love Freely

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Part 1

Allison still wasn’t sure what to expect. She and Daniel had been chatting online for several weeks. Unlike her ex-boyfriend, Daniel made her feel comfortable talking about anything, including sex. So comfortable in fact, that she agreed to fly all the way from Tampa to Detroit just to meet him.

Departing the plane, she pulled his picture from her purse. Even in this laser writer copy of his picture. His dark brown eyes seemed to look deep into her soul. They triggered the familiar fluttering of her heart and compelling need to seek him out. She looked around the crowded terminal until she found him waving at her.

Seeing him, made everything else fade away. Nothing else existed. She ran to him with her arms open for a hug. Then stopped; a bit confused by her own actions. This wasn’t proper. A lady doesn’t loose control or display desires in public. Daniel knew this would happen. “It’s okay,” he said. “Friends can hug in an airport. See?” He nodded towards a nearby couple. She wanted to hug him, but she shook her head in awkward defiance of the desire, and offered to shake hands instead.

They engaged in small talk while they retrieved her luggage and took the shuttle to Daniel’s car. “It’s about an hour’s drive to my apartment,” he said. “If you’re tired you can lay back and take a nap. Take a sweet nap, my pet.” The trigger phrase put Allison into hypnotic trance. But they had always done this online, so her eyes remained opened. “Close your eyes and lay back,” Daniel said. Then he placed a pair of headphones over her ears. “Allison, I made a special CD for you to listen to as we drive. You will listen to this for me, won’t you?” She silently mouthed the word “Yes”, and Daniel started the CD.

The CD contained only suggestions for increasing her desire for him, her trust in him, and her receptiveness to suggestions. He enjoyed giving the more intimate and life changing suggestions during foreplay. But the CD was still long enough to hold her attention for the whole drive. The next thing she knew, Daniel was waking her outside his apartment. “Oh no, I must have fallen asleep. I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay. I know how tiring a plane trip can be. Let’s get your bags, and I’ll show you my apartment.” Daniel’s place was a simple one bedroom apartment on the ground floor. It had standard sized kitchen and bath rooms. His living room contained only a sofa, a coffee table and a TV. What was supposed to be a dinning area contained his desk and bookshelves. But the really nice thing was the dual patios. Although the front patio faced the parking area, a huge evergreen hid the cars from view.

He opened the back patio door and stepped outside. About 20 yards from the apartment was an 8-foot fence separating the apartment property from the woods. “That’s Aldiss Park. Beyond the trees is a lake, and around the lake is a nice running track.”

Alison hesitated in the doorway smiling uncertainly. She had half expected Daniel to trance her and take her to his bed as soon as he got her home. And though she was too shy to admit it, that was why she had come to him. She wanted to be touched, but she couldn’t ask for it. Good girls just didn’t ask for it, no matter how much they wanted it. And she never wanted it more than she did right now. Daniel’s hypnotic trances always made her want his touch. But she was surprised at how much being with him in person amplified the desire.

Seeing how her conflicting desires paralyzed her, Daniel came back inside. He closed and locked the patio door as he said, “You want to see the bedroom. This way,” he said. “This is where you will take a sweet nap, my pet.”

Once again, Allison was instantly entranced. “Take off your clothes,” he commanded, but she didn’t move. As he expected, her inhibitions ran too deep for her to respond to a direct command. He moved behind her and whispered in her ear.

“Allison, imagine a time in the future when we’ve been together for a while. You’ve seen married couples. You’ve seen how they grow comfortable with each other; how even the most modest women become comfortable dressing and undressing with their husbands present.” As he said this, Daniel gathered her hair together around one side of her neck.

“Imagine that’s us,” he kissed her neck and caressed her arms. “We’ve been married for years. We’ve dressed and undressed together a thousand times. Every night that we’ve been together, I kiss your neck like this,” he kissed her again, “and every kiss relaxes more and more. Each kiss helps you feel more comfortable sharing your body with me, so we can undress together. Let’s undress now and get into our bed.”

Allison’s hands rose to her blouse and began unbuttoning it. She knew what she was doing, but now in her mind it was all familiar. They’d done this together a thousand times before. Together they removed her clothes, then moved to the bed. She laid on her back while Daniel moved on top of her and continued kissing and caressing her body. “Each kiss,” he said, ” fills you with a deeper sense of belonging, and a desire for more.” He repeated this suggestion until he felt her hips pumping involuntarily.

“Good. Continue to feel me kissing your breasts,” he said as he stood up. He didn’t want to interrupt her growing arousal while he removed his own clothes; well most of his clothes. Her hot writhing body beckoned to him to return quickly, and she’d never notice if he didn’t get his socks off.

From the dresser, he took a condom, opened it, and rolled it on. Then knelt on the bed between her legs. With the tip of his cock touching her nether lips he said, “Tell me that you give your love.”

“I give my love freely,” she whispered.

As she said it, he entered her and said, “This feels so good.” She moaned with pleasure until he pulled back. “Say it again.”

“I give my love freely,” she whispered again.

Again he entered her; this time more fully, and she moaned with pleasure. “Keep saying it. Each time you say it, feel the pleasure build.” She repeated the phrase again and again. Each time she did, Daniel thrust into her filling her with pleasure; conditioning her subconscious mind to accept that giving love freely is pleasure.

After a dozen thrusts, he picked up the pace, prompting her to repeat the phrase faster and faster, skipping words and losing track of the thought embedding itself in her mind with overwhelming pleasure.

He body spasmed with her first real orgasm, and Daniel pushed himself harder into her, allowing himself to orgasm with her. Afterwards, they lay together for several minutes before he rolled off.

Allison felt groggy, not quite hypnotized, not quite awake, and definitely not sure what to say. It had been incredible; more than she imagined. But now . . . what?

Part 2

The next day was Saturday. Daniel woke up early to study for his business communications class. Hypnotizing Allison and other women like her was fun, but it wouldn’t get him the promotion he wanted. For that, he needed to complete his MBA with at least a 3.5 average.

He ate breakfast and studied for two hours before she even woke up. Or at least before she let him know she was awake. She spent the morning in bed; quietly sorting out her feelings about the previous night. It was wonderful, yet scary. She’d known he could make her feel desire, but she never expected it could be so consuming. It was as if she was possessed by the desire for him. It filled her body and mind completely, leaving no room for self consciousness or embarrassment until it was over. Then it hit her.

She was a slut. She’d let this total stranger fuck her. It didn’t matter that they’d been chatting online for months, she barely knew him. Her mother would throw a huge fit, worse than when she caught Allison’s older sister making out with a boy on the porch. Her mother screamed, “How could you let this happen? A lady doesn’t give into carnal lusts. She remains prim and proper at all times. She never shows any emotion . . . ..” On and on, the lecture lasted for the rest of the evening. Her sister was in tears, and Allison swore she’d be true lady and never give into any passions.

After studying, Daniel invited Alison to join him for a run through the park. She declined, preferring to remain under the blankets until he left. Then she came out to get dressed and use the bathroom. She waited by the door with her bags.

Daniel returned with a pizza and bag of chips.

“I want to leave,” she blurted out.

“Take a sweet nap.” He commanded.

But she didn’t trance. Instead she repeated, “Please. Take me to the airport.”

This happened sometimes. Even with intense conditioning, anger or anxiety could prevent a subject from responding to post-hypnotic commands. He would have to calm her down the old fashioned way before they could take the next step.

“Your plane doesn’t leave until tomorrow night. What are you going to do, wait in the airport for two days?” That stopped her; she didn’t have an answer. “Come on, I bought us a pizza.

She hesitated, then reluctantly followed him to the kitchen, sat and pouted while he served lunch. She took only a few bites and ignored his attempts to engage her in conversation. She was too absorbed in her embarrassment. Afterwards, she moved to the sofa and sat quietly. She turned on the TV and started flipping channels while Daniel cleaned the kitchen, and vacuumed the carpets. When she finally settled on a movie, Daniel sat down to watch it with her; actually to watch her and see when her anxiety exhausted itself. Midway through a second movie he noticed her relaxing, and when it ended he invited her for a walk. “Come on, you need to get out for a bit, and the trails are beautiful this time of year.”

Slowly she acceded to his suggestion and followed him out to the trails. They walked for almost an hour. And as the sun began to set, they sat down by the side of the lake.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it? The park used to belong to the Kickapoo Indian Tribe.” The name made Allison giggle. “Imagine what it was like living here 400 years ago. No television, no magazines. No artificially imposed concepts of etiquette. They lived in harmony with nature.

“Over there, where that picnic table is, that’s where they used to hold their fertility celebrations. Some people say they can still feel the spiritual energy released during those ceremonies. One person even told me that if you take a sweet nap on that spot, you can see the ceremony in your dreams. If you take a sweet nap my pet, you can see them preparing for the celebration.” Embedding the trigger phrase in a story was a bit of a dirty trick, but it always worked, because it went straight to the subconscious, bypassing all her anxieties. Allison started to trance, and Daniel could deepen the trance with the imagery of the story.

“See the women of the tribe gathering around a young maiden. She might be 16-18 years old; it doesn’t matter. She’s old enough to understand the nature of sex and to enjoy the pleasure of being with a man. She represents the Earth as she awakens in the spring, ready for planting. Across the lake, the men are gathering around a young man who is about 18; full of the vitality. He represents the Sun as it warms the Earth, and gives life to the crops.

They all gather in the center of the village, and someone draws a large circle in the sand. The man stands in the center of a circle and the maiden stands on the rim. The music starts and everyone begins to clap out a rhythm. The maiden starts to move with the rhythm and dance around the edge of the circle; like the Earth orbiting the Sun. Around and around she dances, each time she circles him, she dances closer and closer. As the dance brings their bodies together, they share a look of passionate anticipation. She dances around him again and again to the encouraging rhythm of the tribe’s clapping.

“Then the drums stop, and she kneels and kisses his manhood to let him know she is ready to accept the life he can give. He kneels and kisses her mouth. He kisses her neck and cups her breasts. As she strokes his manhood affectionately, the drums start again urging them on to the coupling. She lays on her back and guides him into her, and they make love, celebrating the coming of spring and renewal of life.”

Daniel watched Allison’s face for any sign that she was rejecting the suggestions implicit in the story. But her face remained relaxed. So he continued. “Sex celebrates life with the sharing of pleasure.

“Imagine you’re a young girl in this tribe. Like everyone else, you watched this ceremony, and now you can see the men and women around you become ready to share in this celebration. You see the married couples smiling as they begin touching and kissing each other. Some of the couples retire to their teepees to continue their celebration in private. Some go off into the woods, preferring to celebrate under the stars. Everyone gives their love freely.

“Imagine growing up in this tribe; seeing this ceremony every spring, watching everyone give their love freely, learning that sex is the natural way to celebrate life and share the joys of living and everyone one around us accepts this a perfectly natural. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?” Allison nodded, though just barely.

“And imagine that as you grow up, you share this desire to give your love freely. Feel it growing in your heart and spreading throughout your body.” Daniel turned her face towards his “And as you look at me now, feel the desire tingling in your lips; the desire to give a kiss.” He brought her lips to his and she tentatively kissed back. Although they were really alone, in Allison’s mind, they were surrounded by people; people who were openly kissing and touching each other. Everyone was doing it, and it was okay.

After just a few kisses. Allison’s hands came up to Daniel’s face, and she pulled him down with her as she laid back on the ground. She held his face as they shared several sweet, wonderful kisses. Then Daniel moved his lips to her neck, and she started to tense, but she remained in a trance. “It’s okay,” he said. “Just relax, see how everyone is moving to the next step. Some are necking, some are fondling, some are already fucking. Half of them are getting naked. They don’t care if we go a little further here before we go back to our teepee.”

She relaxed a little. And as he continued kissing her neck, she continued to relax until her hips were rolling with each kiss. Daniel moved his hands between her legs and she didn’t object. But unfortunately, he forgot to bring the condoms with him. So he had to take her back to his apartment.

He kept her in a trance thinking they were going back to his teepee. In the bedroom, she helped him remove her clothes, then his. She caressed his chest, then kissed it. Then watched as he rolled the condom over his cock. “You’re my Kickapoo princess,” he said. That made her giggle, which partially woke her from the trance. But it didn’t matter, because now she was feeling comfortable with her sexual desire.

They moved to the bed and Daniel poised himself over her. He waited there to see if she would say it without prompting. But she didn’t know what he wanted. “Tell me you give your love freely.”

“I give my love freely?” She asked. He entered her, and it brought back all the joy and pleasure of the previous night’s fuck. He didn’t have to prompt her again. As he pulled out she said it again, and he thrust back into her. Over and over she declared, “I give my love freely.” Each declaration held more and more conviction, And each time she declared it, Daniel thrust into her reinforcing the belief with increasing pleasure. Faster and faster, harder and harder. Her words couldn’t keep up, and they just fucked until the pleasure drove her to orgasm. And her spasms triggered Daniel’s orgasm.

They held the embrace while they came down from their orgasmic high. Then mocking the cell phone commercial he asked into her neck, “Do you want a pizza now?” She answered “No, you rat.” with a playful punch on his shoulder.

Part 3

They both slept late Sunday morning. Allison woke first. She tensed briefly as she realized that she was snuggling with a lover. Then thought about the Kickapoo fertility rites. The name made her giggle again. Which woke Daniel.

“You’re laughing.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“Don’t be. We can go again.” He kissed her and she kissed back. When he moved his lips to her neck, she allowed herself to enjoy his affections. She closed her eyes and slipped into a light hypnotic trance, even without the trigger word, and allowed her body to respond to his kisses.

Daniel played with her body until her writhing told him she was ready to be fucked again. Then he pulled away. “Hey!! Where you going?”

“Breakfast, we haven’t eaten since lunch yesterday.” He pulled her reluctantly from the bed.

In the kitchen, she bounced into him then wrapped her arms around his body as he pulled the cereal from the cupboards. She pressed her face into his shoulder and asked, “Can’t we go back to bed, please?”

“Why? You horny?” She hesitated, not sure how to answer. “You want to give your love freely.” He took her hand and wrapped it around his cock. “Remember how that felt.”

The words “I give my love freely” echoed in her mind bringing her back into the trance and increasing her arousal. She unconsciously stroked his cock bringing it back to full hardness.

Daniel moved to one of the kitchen chairs and sat down, pulling Allison down on his lap. She closed her eyes as she settled on his cock and its heat filled her. But then she stopped; she had never fucked in this position and didn’t know what to do.

“Give your love freely. Move your body up and down with my cock.” She moved hesitantly up, then back down. She raised and lowered herself again and again, establishing a rhythm with the words that echoed in her mind, “I give my love freely.” Daniel fondled her breasts then caressed her shoulders, her back and hips while she gave her love to his cock. She showed no signs of rushing or cumming as if content to savor this hypnotic rhythm all day.

But after awhile, Daniel decided to cum. He directed her to pick up the pace and she obeyed. Her movements triggered his orgasm, but she kept riding him; faster and faster until her orgasm took her. They held their embrace for a few minutes. Then Daniel said, “We really do need to eat something.”

She giggled quietly, “okay.”

They poured their cereal. But as they sat down, Allison realized she was naked. She suddenly became embarrassed and ran to the bedroom to dress. She returned and ate her cereal, but avoided looking at her lover’s naked chest. It felt so strange to think of him as her lover. But what else would you call their relationship? He wasn’t her boyfriend; she still loved Andy. For a minute, she almost forgot his name. But she still loved him, and she knew she was going back to him. What would she tell him? Did she want to give her love to Andy like she had to Daniel? Yes. . . well, maybe…well, yes. She did.

“You’re quiet over there.”

“I..I’m still going back to Tampa. . .to Andy.”

“Of course. I never intended to keep you here.”

“Then why . . .?”

“We’re friends. And you wanted my help. I can only accomplish so much with online trances. You needed to experience real passion and real pleasure to break loose from your inhibitions. Now when you go back to what’s his name. . .”

“Andy! You rat.” She threw a handful of napkins at him.

“What’s his name.”, he stuck out his tongue, “You’ll remember what it feels like to give your love freely. You’ll want to be with him and you’ll know that you can be.”

Allison thought about that as she cleaned up their dishes. She did want to be with Andy. She’d never seen his cock; never even felt it. But did she just want to fuck him? No, she wanted to give her love freely to him. The thought made her pussy pulse. She definitely wanted to love him that way, but she wanted to do more. She tried to picture them together at the fertility dance, but she could only see Daniel. She shook her head and thought about going back to Tampa. If Andy met her at the airport she could hug him. She could kiss him. She could see it in her mind; meeting him at the airport, hugging him, kissing him; showing him how much he meant to her. She saw herself pressing her body into his and pressing against his cock, showing everybody how much she . . . ..showing everybody?

Well, no, she just wanted to show Daniel. . .and Andy, but she didn’t care if everyone else saw. She didn’t care . . . ? No, she didn’t. And she knew this was a change from just yesterday, but she didn’t understand how it happened. Feeling stunned and a bit shaken, she started toward the living room. She saw Daniel outside on the back patio. He was wearing sweat pants and a T-shirt, and reading a book. She went to him and knelt, resting her head on his thigh.

Daniel rested his hand gently on her head, but continued reading for a few minutes before asking, “Are you okay?”

“I don’t know,” she whispered. “I don’t understand what’s happening to me.”

Daniel stroked her hair as he explained, “I’m just helping you look at things a little differently. So you can let your love flow more freely.” The words, so similar to the conditioned phrase, triggered a partial reaction; she began unconsciously tracing her finger over his thigh. I know you love Andy, and I know you love me. But you need to express that love more freely to let it grow.” She kissed his thigh.

“It doesn’t matter who you’re with. And it doesn’t matter where you are. When you love someone, all that matters is that you give your love freely”. Allison stood up and straddled his lap. They were both fully clothed, but she could feel his hardness against her pussy, and she enjoyed it. She let herself slip into a light trance. She knew she wanted to give her love freely, and the trance allowed her to do so.

“Imagine love is like a flower.” Daniel said. “It needs air, water and sunlight grow. If you lock it away in the dark, it withers and dies. But if you put it out in the open and tend to it; giving it lots of fresh air and sunlight, it will grow big and strong and beautiful.”

Allison smiled. She understood it now. In fact she felt it growing. She leaned in and kiss his mouth as she rubbed her pussy over his cock. “I can feel it growing big and strong.”

“If we give it some air, it will grow bigger and stronger.”

Allison moved her lips down to his neck. And Daniel guided her hand into his pants. He wasn’t wearing any underwear and her hand wrapped itself around his cock. Daniel didn’t need to trance her any more. She relax herself deeper into the trance, and enjoy the feel of his cock in her hand. She forgot about caring what other people think. Giving her love felt good and she wanted to give more. The more she stroked him, the more she wanted to stroke him. In a few minutes she quit kissing his neck and focused on stroking his cock.

Daniel pulled a condom from his pocket, opened it and put it over the tip of his cock. Then he guided her hand to roll it down. He lifted her up, helped her out of her jeans, and guided her back down on his cock. She rode him slowly, savoring the feel of him inside of her; savoring the feeling of giving her love freely. She rode him until she her body tired out. She collapsed like a rag doll without cumming.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered

“What for?”

“For not giving you a . . . you know”

“Don’t be. You did great.” They held each other quietly for a while before Daniel’s watch beeped. “It’s time to get you back to the airport.”

Allison slept all the way to the airport, and on the flight back to Tampa. Andy met her at the gate. She didn’t remember calling him, but she was so happy to be back with him that she threw her arms around him and kissed him passionately; finally giving her love freely.

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