Marketing the Ultimate Kiss (working title)

By | December 18, 2009

I often write the web page description for a new recording while I’m writing the script. It helps me clarify my intended goals and audience for the script. (I usually don’t integrate the page into the web site until the script is complete and I start rehearsing, but my web design program uploads the page every time I make a change.)

So while I’m writing a hypnosis recording to help women enjoy sucking cock more. I decide that the target audience for the recording will be women who are willing to perform fellatio, but don’t really enjoy it. And the goal of this hypnosis script will be to reframe the experience so that the women can feel more pleasure while sucking cock. Then they’ll become eager to suck for their own pleasure as well as the man’s pleasure.

But I’m thinking that those women wouldn’t buy the recording for themselves. More likely boyfriends, husbands, and doms will buy the recording for their women. So I wrote the web page description to appeal to men with “reluctant” wives or girlfriends.

Now I wonder: Did I make a good assumption? Are guys the right marketing targets, or would women buy this recording for themselves if I used a different description?

Any opinions?