The Pygmalion Hypnotist

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Part of the Darren Braid series:

Hypnotist, Darren Braid, is getting ready to launch a new line of erotic hypnosis CDs. A potential publicist suggests that he collaborate with her other clients, wannabe film producer Scott Sunderland and his discovery Liza Hiller. Her plan calls for Darren to hypnotize Liza and transform her into a dominatrix. Sunderland will film the transformation and produce a series of BDSM videos.

But shortly after Darren begins hypnotizing the starlet, repressed memories of her childhood abduction begin to surface. Investigating further, he and FBI Agent Kristen Parker discover that Liza had been stolen as a child and sold to a ring of pedophiles. While they help Liza deal with her trauma and build her self-esteem, they discover she can identify one of the FBI's most wanted, a sadist who mentors pedophiles in hidden regions of the internet. The FBI has never identified this man offline, but he may be their only hope of tracing Liza's origin. Darren and Kristen must help Liza control her fear and face the man who tortured her as a child in order to find her family.

Reviews:Natasza Waters on InD'Tale wrote:

Clucking like a chicken won’t be a concern, but delving into the world of pedophiles and slavery is a topic only meant for the strong of heart. The story has a bold arc, a solid middle and a hopeful end. The investigation is written with a cohesive pattern. Character development for the most part is defined, except for Angela. Initially, a reader wonders why she’s there. Possibly as a secondary thread in the plot? Yet, her part in the tale goes nowhere other than showing the difference between a stable minded adult choosing to be a slave, and the poisonous barbs left in a child that is kidnapped and given no choice.

The author, Angraecus Daniels, has penned a hybrid docudrama. Readers looking for steam won’t find it here, but what they will find is a view into a world of choices with a clinical edge and interesting perspective.

Emily on GoodReads wrote:

An engrossing, intelligently written book about how a brilliant hypnotist and a dedicated FBI agent save a survivor of a pedophile reuniting her with her mother and stopping the pedophile.

Melissa on wrote:

Being a longtime listener to this author's audio files and reading his short stories, I was very interested in checking out this book. This book was just as good as his audio recordings or his other stories and I look forward to whatever he puts out next. This had a good mix of humor, adventure, mystery, drama and hypnosis that made it hard to put it down for any length of time. He effortlessly created a story that had many aspects to it and kept expanding throughout until he wrapped up the end of the story. It seemed like the end came much too soon for me though and I hope that there will be another story to follow this one. I haven't read the book prior to this, Redemption for the Hypnotist, but even though it's mentioned in this book, it's not necessary to read it prior to this story. Even so, that will most definitely be my next purchase!

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