Submission Training

Enhance your sexual submission training with erotic hypnosis. These MP3s enable you to experience intensely erotic training sessions and condition your mind for submission and obedience in perfect safety.

Each MP3 seduces you into an trance, then takes your mind into an erotic submission training session. This enables you to fully immerse yourself in the both the physical sensations and the mental conditioning. Each session includes post-hypnotic suggestions for submission with a real-life Dom or Domme and positive affirmations to help you see yourself as a confident submissive within a healthy, safe, sane, consensual relationship.

Each MP3 is designed to be both entertaining and erotically stimulating. So you will enjoy listening over and over. This will enable you to deepen your submissiveness and reinforce your submissive training with your real-life dom (or potential dom, if you’re not currently in a D/s relationship).

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You can also read my article on Developing Subspace with Hypnosis.

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