Enthralling Rhythms

An exotic dancer seduces you into a trance. Then she shows you how dancing enables her to control your body, enthrall your cock, and condition your sexuality to serve her desires.

Imagine visiting a strip club. Watching the exotic dancers on stage, you become aroused and suggestible. Then you see her come on stage. Dancing provocatively, she guides your gaze up her legs and around her breasts. Up and down her body, your gaze follows wherever she wants, and she knows she has you.

After the set, she joins you at your table. She sits on your lap and teases you with her cleavage while covertly hypnotizing you. When she tells you to ask for a lap dance, you obey without thinking.

She spreads your legs and begins to dance between them; expertly guiding you deeper into trance with her hypnotically swaying hips. As you go deep, you feel your cock straining in your pants, pulsing with the rhythm of her dance. And it makes you even more receptive to suggestion.

You’re completely helpless now. So when this exotic dancer suggests you go to the VIP room, you readily agree. Here she can touch you, but you can’t touch her. So she tells you to imagine your hands tied behind your back. But this is another covert technique to take you deeper into trance and make you even more receptive to her hypnotic sexual rhythms.

She dances over you, caressing your body with her legs and breasts. You feel her sensual rhythms flow into you, filling your body with uncontrollable desire. You cannot move. Your cock rises up, pulsing with her hypnotic rhythm, and she makes it part of her dance. This gives her access to your subconscious sexual desires.

She dances into your subconscious and takes control of your sexuality. From your dreams to your orgasm, she enthralls every aspect of your sexuality in her rhythm. You wake with a pounding hard on, knowing that your cock’s hardness is a declaration to serve her.

Note: This is a fantasy, but repeated listening will increase submissiveness towards real women.

Written by Daniel, voiced by Tammy.

“Hypnotic Dreams definitely has some sexiness going on … I love that it used my sexual expectations to tap into my mind.”  —Fleshbot.com


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Post-hypnotic Suggestions

Accept your role serving women.




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