Held (Enthralled by Hypnotic Breasts)

A predatory hypnodomme enthralls you with her hypnotic breasts.

At first, you can only see the upper curves of her breasts. But this devious woman invites you to imagine more. See them fully your mind— full, firm, and radiating hypnotic sexual power. Imagine what it would be like to feel their hypnotic power flowing into you, overwhelming your mind and body. Your cock grows hard as she seduces you into a trance. And once hypnotized, you’re susceptible to even more devious hypnotic suggestions.

She tells you to imagine her taking your cock between her hypnotic breasts and massaging her sexual power directly into it. This will hypnotize your cock, making it even harder and more responsive to her hypnotic sexual control. She holds you hard and hypnotized; distracting your mind with overwhelming desire while she covertly deepens the trance and conditions your cock to help her control your mind.

Whenever you see her hypnotic breasts, your cock will instantly grow hard and hypnotized. It will swell with overwhelming desire to be held in her hypnotic control. It will draw your mind into this trance. And it will help her seduce your subconscious mind into her hypnotic sexual control.

Deeper and deeper until your cock responds only to her hypnotic sexuality, and you love it.

Written by Daniel, voiced by Tammy.

Additional information

Sexual Explicitness



, ,

Post-hypnotic Suggestions

Beautiful breasts hypnotize you and make your cock instantly hard and erect.


26 minutes


Inspired by

A short story titled, Bianca. http://www.mcstories.com/Bianca/index.html


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