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This devious dominatrix will seduce you into trance with a hypnotic handjob.

She starts by telling you that she has a special skill for manipulating your cock. She tells you how she will wrap her hand around your cock and stroke you up…and down…. up and down. She is going to take control of it, entrance it, and manipulate it into doing whatever she wants. It will get hard when she wants, stay hard as long as she wants, and even help her manipulate your thoughts and desires.

The rhythm of her words seduce you into an erotic trance. Then you actually feel her hand wrapping around your cock, stroking it, manipulating it, taking control of it. She makes you feel like she’s hypnotizing your cock deeper and deeper with each stroke, and its arousal is the desire to be manipulated even more.

She continues hypnotically manipulating your cock, distracting your conscious mind with it’s desires, while she covertly deepens your trance. Then she uses your arousal to manipulate your subconscious, covertly conditioning your mind to crave more of her hypnotic manipulation and training your cock to respond to her hypnotic sexual control.

You will feel your cock respond to her hypnotic manipulation, and believe it is fully in her control.


Written by Daniel, voiced by Shibby.


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Sexual Explicitness




Post-hypnotic Suggestions

Instantly get hard at the sound of my voice., Your cock loves to be hypnotically manipulated., Your cock wants you to listen to me again.


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  1. Anonymous

    This file is the closest I have ever come to a HFO. I’ve tried almost every hypnodomme and audio file out there and this was scary good (so good I actually got scared — which is why maybe I didn’t have the actual HFO). I guess I was scared of losing control? Not sure. Anyway it was very impressive. So far my #1 file. I haven’t had time to re-listen again as I’m a very busy person but I definitely plan on it (which is not common for me).

    Highly recommended.

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