Subconscious Triggers (Coming Soon)


Have a little fun with sexually suggestive hypnotic triggers and with post-hypnotic amnesia.

Using confusion and misdirection, this MP3 takes you into a trance. You’ll find yourself volunteering for a comedy hypnosis stage show. The hypnotist takes you down to into trance and brings you back up three times. Each time you return to trance, the hypnotist plants another hypnotic trigger. Each time he wakes you, you discover the fun and excitement of being triggered. One trigger is verbal and two are visual.

Like a visiting a real hypnosis stage show, you’ll enjoy the excitement of knowing you’ve been hypnotized and that you’ll respond to unknown hypnotic triggers.

I then repeat the confusion and hypnotic amnesia, hiding the hypnotic triggers from your conscious mind, wake you and speak the verbal trigger. Leaving you to discover the two visual triggers in your own time. You’ll grow even more excited when you realize you don’t know exactly what those triggers are or when you’ll encounter them.

All the hypnotic triggers are strictly for fun. They are sexually suggestive, and temporary, similar to what you’d experience if you volunteered for a real stage show. The verbal trigger is gender specific, i.e., for women only. The visual triggers may be enjoyed by listeners of any gender.

Status Note:

As of Sept 18, 2017, I’ve completed the first draft of the script.

Additional information

Sexual Explicitness



Confusion, Ericksonian Hypnosis


Yes, and only I can use them.


To be determined