Sympathetic Magic

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Femdom erotic hypnosis with a magical seduction and a covert trance induction.

A powerful witch tells you how she enthralled a woodsman. But this story is a covert hypnotic induction. As you listen, you’ll find yourself in the woods, ensnared in her trap.

You see her coming to you in a sheer nightgown and holding a penis-shaped pendant. She explains that the trap gets its power from your thoughts. The only way to free yourself is to quiet your thoughts. Stop thinking, and just listen. But this is another covert induction  taking you deeper into trance and making you receptive to hypnotic sexual manipulation.

She lifts the pendant and begins chanting over it, kissing and stroking it. The ritual creates a magical link between the pendant and your cock. And every stroke, every kiss, every breath that touches the pendant, you now feel on your hard, throbbing cock. Giving her control of your arousal and orgasm.

Written by , voiced by Shibby.

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30 minutes

1 review for Sympathetic Magic

  1. TheThirdRail

    I was so glad to listen to a file specifically written for my favorite kind of hypnokink, which is dissociation–to wit, my cock being objectified and owned. And to have such a file voiced by Shibby is a dream come true. The hypnosis itself is a clever layered covert induction, well written and with a creative background story. It’s worth multiple listens, as the dissociation thing is subtle at first, but once you get the hang of it it becomes quite enthralling.

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