Sympathetic Magic (Coming Soon)


Experience a magical seduction.

A powerful ‘witch’ tells you how she ensnared her woodsman, enthralled and aroused him, then used her erotic magic to ensure his sexual devotion and obedience. But this story is a covert hypnotic induction. As you listen, you’ll find yourself in the woods, ensnared in her trap.

The trap holds you until night falls and the moon rises. She comes to you wearing her sheer nightgown. And you see she a phallic pendant resting in the curves of her breasts. She explains that the trap gets its power from your thoughts. The only way to free yourself is to quiet your thoughts. Stop thinking, and just listen. But this is another covert induction to take you deeper into a trance and make you receptive to her magical seduction and sexual manipulation.

She lifts the pendant and begins chanting over it. She strokes it, kisses it.  The ritual creates a magical link between the pendant and your cock. And as you watch, you realize that every stroke, every kiss, every breath that touches the pendant, you now feel on your hard, throbbing cock.

When your cock offers it’s first drops of its precum, she takes the essence of it and locks it into her phallic pendant. This makes pendant a permanent vessel for your sexuality; a vessel she uses to control your sexual desires and ensure your devotion. Because wherever you go, you will feel every stroke on that pendant as a stroke on your cock.

You’ll wake feeling like you’ve been magically seduced into her sexual control.

Note: I also adapted the script into a written short story, The Witch in the Woods.

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