The Couch Trip

This hypnosis session conditions you to get hard on command, and to feel that your hard cock wants to serve a woman’s pleasure.

In this mp3, you visit a hypnotherapist to learn if hypnosis can help you achieve bigger and harder erections. “Of course it can,” she says. She explains that your thoughts are in the way of getting hard. To get really hard, you need stop thinking. As she explains her process, she uses conversational hypnosis to covertly seduce your subconscious into a trance. You think you’re awake, but your subconscious is going into a trance and following her instructions.

She makes you imagine her wrapping her hand around your cock making it respond to her desire. This provocative seduction makes you hard and receptive to suggestion. And she begins to condition your cock to respond to her hypnotic command.

But this is just the first step. Even your hypnotized subconscious knows that conditioning requires many, many sessions. She has you visualize returning week after week. Every time, you feel your cock get hard on command, it gets bigger and harder, making you feel more submissive and eager to please.

She has you visualize other women taking advantage of your conditioning. Each time one of them speaks the  trigger phrase, you get hard on command and become eager to serve their pleasure. Her receptionist tests your conditioning, speaking the phrase that makes you hard on command, she then sucking you for her own pleasure. Then a random woman at a party, who knows that your hard cock wants only to serve a woman’s pleasure.

When you wake, you’ll be eager to listen again and again, until your mind and body are conditioned to obey the trigger phrase, and any woman will be able to make you hard on command.

Written by Daniel, voiced by Tammy.

Additional information

Sexual Explicitness




Post-hypnotic Suggestions

Accept your role serving women., Return for reinforcement., Stop thinking., Thinking interferes with getting hard., You love to satisfy their needs., You produce semen to meet the needs of women., Your cock serves a woman's pleasure.



26 minutes


5 reviews for The Couch Trip

  1. AllyCat

    I have a really positive impression of this MP3. Tammy’s voice is really silky — her voice is more subtle than Nikki Fatale’s, and it reeks of sultry sex. The lead in for trance is very good, too. As a male, erection enhancement’s something which of course I want. Mesmer’s script is good since it recognizes that those who listen know the base hypnotic styles, and runs through basic imagery of deepeners (of course I’m not going to tell you to take a deep breath, or envision a pendulum swinging). I felt myself slipping into trance easily, and although I occasionally surfaced, I went back into it deep.

    Tammy spends most of the file describing and deepening the triggers within the script, and embeds a desire to return to listen to the file over and over again. I usually find that a corny prospect, but with this file, I actually listened to it a second time immediately after I listened to it the first time. It not only felt *longer* than the 25 minute length, but it actually made me excited to return to the file — which only one hypno mp3 has made me want to in the past.

    Since I don’t want to give away what is actually in the script, I’ll give my general overall feeling about The Couch Trip. This was my first time with Mesmer’s stuff. Although I feel that the $45 price is steep, this is by far the most satisfying hypnotic femdom mp3 that I’ve listened to this year. If you listen to the preview and like the material/Tammy’s voice, it only gets a lot better. I am very satisfied.

  2. irahand

    This was a wonderful recording. I have listened to it at 5 or 6 times since purchasing. While I feel the price was a little steep I thought it would be well worth it since I enjoyed the “Held” recording several months ago. I was right. The induction was very deceptive, telling you the process while not even realizing you were going under til it was too late.
    I am looking forward to speaking with Tammy shortly to see how well the programming works, but after listening to the recording several times I have no doubt that it is working.

  3. Chris Nate

    Just Listened to the Audio. Awesome sound and hypnosis. Brought me to hypnosis well. Commands are effective and enjoyable. Didn’t leave me wanting for anything but to listen again and again. The Couch Trip is the best of any erotic Hypnosis I have heard. The ladies voice is great and the hypnosis effective.

  4. Peter

    Fantastic session that has left me forever grateful. The hypnosis was easy to get into and left a lasting and indelible mark in the relationship that I have with my one and only. It even has helped us to spice things up further with her friends. Definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to try hypnosis, something new to spice things up or to help you get past inhibitions.

  5. Mike

    She is having a conversation with you. Telling you a story in some ways. At some point you are in a magical trance state. Very relaxed, enjoying every word. You feel wonderful and ultimately fulfilled. Let’s just say this works and is quite fun. Enjoy!

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