my first media interview…

By | August 24, 2010

Last night, I was a guest on the Rev Mel show. It was my first media interview, so of course, it didn’t go quite as I’d hoped. Part of the problem was the lag between video and audio. I had dialed in by telephone and was watching host over the internet. The video seemed to lag about 3-5 seconds behind what I was hearing on the phone, so I couldn’t gauge the interviewer’s interest or responses. Seemed to me she was clowning around.

But my press agent called me right after the interview and told me that she thought it went well. The host had been interested in me. And in spite of her clowning with the in-studio guest had shown more interest in me than she had in some previous guests. I’ll take her word for it, it was too difficult for me to judge and my agent does know the media better than I do.

This first interview hasn’t generated any immediate traffic to my web site. But I guess I need to build more of a media presence for that to happen. Time will tell.