New Idea: Essence of a Slave

Today, I wrote the introduction to a new erotic hypnosis fantasy. I’m calling it Essence of a Slave. It is going to be based on the idea that women are born slaves and educated not to show it. So they need the unyielding domination of a strong-willed man to force them to acknowledge their slave nature.

I think John Norman explores this idea in the Gor series. So I’m going to reread Assassin of Gor and maybe the beginning of Dancer of Gor before I write any more of this fantasy. But I’m aiming for a hypnotic script that’s both a fantasy and a brainwashing program (like Building the Perfect Fetish) to help women shed their restrictive mindset and embrace their innate desire to serve, please, and give pleasure.

I hate that I’m still blocked on the bisexual script, but maybe now that I’ve gotten the novel done, I can figure out where I have to go with it.

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