New Release: Demon Seed.

By | May 10, 2010

Yes, Demon Seed is FINALLY available for the introductory price of $20. Good through May 15, 2010.

Demon Seed: Written for women who enjoy forced arousal or kidnap and rape fantasies. You are tricked into summoning the demon of lust and madness. He pulls you back to his lair and binds you with supernatural restraints. You try to resist, but the demon knows how to selectively inflict pain to make you squirm against his cock until your body’s arousal overrides your mind. He dissolves your will into a haze of mindless lust and your body fucks him until he releases his seed; an addictive mind-altering narcotic that transforms you into his willing sexual servant.

I also updated the preview file to match the final version.

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