New Release: Hypnosis for a More Sensual Kegel

Sensual Kegel Exercies - Hypnosis makes the kegel exercies more sensual and sexualThe loooong wait is over (for those of you who were actually waiting). Yes, I have finally released “A More Sensual Kegel

A change from my normal approach. This is not a story, but direct self-help hypnosis.

This program will guide you through a basic hypnotic induction, identifying the sexual muscles, performing the basic Kegel exercises, and trying some variations. The mp3 will then guide you to create a sensual state of mind, and link (anchor) this state of mind to exercising your sexual muscles. After several listens, performing the Kegel exercises (squeezing your sexual muscles) will automatically return you to a sensual state of mind.

For more details, visit Hypnosis for a More Sensual Kegel Exercise

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