New Release: The Artist’s Brush

The Artist's Brush - Erotic hypnosis helps you become more aware of your sense of touchI am pleased to announce that I have finally, yes finally, completed The Artist’s Brush.

In this recording, you’re a prim and proper lady who is persuaded to model for an artist. His first painting hints of a sensualist repressed by your proper attitude. Intrigued, you sneak back to his studio one night to lay naked on a bed of furs in the soft moonlight. The artist then dips his brush in both the moonlight and your sex to paint lines of sexuality over your body; connecting every inch of your skin to your sex and awakening your ability to enjoy every caress as a sensual caress.

This is an extended foreplay fantasy that includes post-hypnotic suggestions to feel your erogenous zones expand and be more aware of your body’s sensuality.

Available for the introductory price of $20 USD through Dec 30, 2010  (Regularly $25 USD).

FYI: This is the script I used to hypnotize Alexia for the Dec 1 edition of Playboy’s Night Calls.

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