New Release: The Essence of a Slave

Essence of a Slave - Condition your mind for erotic slaveryThe Essence of a Slave is now available. This is a kidnap fantasy for women who dream of being sexual slaves. While riding a train, you are kidnapped and taken to a hidden palace. You’re chained to a column in the harem where you see the slaves are happy and eager to please. The Master looks into your heart and sees you have always been a slave, though you were denied the opportunity to understand this. He describes how you would have discovered your inner slave had you been raised properly. His story shows you what’s in your heart, and frees you to embrace your inner slave.

This is an emotionally intense D/s fantasy that includes post-hypnotic suggestions think and feel like a true slave (kajira), ie., to feel a need to belong to someone, devote yourself to serving and pleasing them.

The Essence of a Slave is available for the introductory price of $20 USD through April 26, 2012.

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