New Script – Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations - Feel my voice as erotic vibrations throughout your bodyI have just completed writing a new script, titled Good Vibrations. Based on the idea of giving cunnilungus with a hummer (or hummilingus), this mp3 will enable the listener to feel the vibration of my voice as you would feel vibrator being applied to your sex.

In this erotic hypnosis program, I help you discover your body’s ability to feel the vibrations my voice with each of your erogenous zones. Then I increase the sensitivity of your sex until it vibrates resonately with my voice, and you feel my words as erotic vibrations deep inside of your body.

This script is free of D/s references, but does implant a trigger to respond more quickly in future sessions with the recording (and possibly skype sessions if I choose to do follow ups)


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