New Release: Subconscious Secret

New Release: Subconscious Secret

New Release: Subconscious Triggers

Yes, FINALLY! After 8 long years. A new erotic hypnosis MP3 for women. Subconscious Triggers This MP3 plants several hypnotic triggers in your subconscious and directs your subconscious to hide them from your conscious mind. When you wake, you’ll know these triggers are in your subconscious, but you’ll be unable to consciously recall them. Once… Read More »

Think I’m getting my voice back

I think I’m getting my voice back. At least the mid baritone range. I may never recover my tenor singing voice. But cross your fingers! I might finally be able to finally record again. I wrote the script for Subconscious Triggers in 2015, but shelved it because my voice had gotten dry and raspy, and… Read More »

Signed the Publishing Contract

I signed the publishing contract and put it in the mail today. That means I can finally reveal that my book, Understanding Erotic Hypnosis, will be published by Gloria Brame’s Moons Grove Press (MGP). MPG is Gloria’s sex-positive imprint in partnership with CCB Publishing, a premiere global POD publisher. Gloria reviewed the second draft and… Read More »

4th round of edits finished

I just finished the 4th edit of Understanding Erotic Hypnosis. I couldn’t believe how much of my earlier writing had to be reworked. But so glad I went through it again. Now I’m waiting on instructions from the publisher.  

I need another term for ‘rape-fantasy’

I have found a publisher for my book, Understanding Erotic Hypnosis, and I’m currently working on the third draft. The book includes a few paragraphs that discuss the differences between forced arousal fantasies and rape fantasies. I think they’re important discussions. BUT the publisher has informed me that I cannot use the word ‘rape’ anywhere… Read More »

Writing a Contemporary Fantasy

So while I’m waiting to hear from my beta readers and potential publishers about the nonfiction book, Exploring Erotic Hypnosis, I’ve started writing another novel. Grayson (working title) is an contemporary fantasy about wolf who discovers he used to be human, and that he unintentionally abandoned a wife and child when he changed. Now he… Read More »

Sent the book to beta readers

I’ve given up on finding a literary agent for my book, Exploring Erotic Hypnosis .  But I’ve identified a few small independent presses that publish sexual health/instruction books, and I’m querying them now.  There’s a strong possibility I’ll be forced to self publish again, and I’m also preparing for that. Apparently when I self-published my… Read More »

Finished the first draft

I finished the first draft of my book today. Time to start editing and revising. Some chapters cover the same topics as my web articles. But the book expands on everything, providing more depth on each subject and many examples. In my query letters to agents and publishers, I’ve been describing the book covering some… Read More »

Preface for my upcoming book, Understanding Erotic Hypnosis

I’m thinking about using the following as the preface for my upcoming book, Understanding Erotic Hypnosis Note: text below is an early draft. I’ve revised it since this posting. In the 1960s and 70s pop culture was obsessed with hypnosis and mind control. It was literally everywhere, in comic books (Daredevil, Batman, etc), sci fi… Read More »