Paranormal Romances

I had an interesting conversation with one of my customers this weekend. She described herself as a voracious reader of paranormal romances, and she was interested in my upcoming recording, Demon Seed. But she was curious to know why this recording wouldn’t have an orgasm command like in my other recordings.

I had to explain that Demon Seed is a rape/transformation fantasy. The listener is kidnapped, forced to have sex, forced to like it, made addicted to the demon’s seed, and finally transformed into his willing servant (a succubus). It’s more of an erotic horror story than a romance.

This listener also told me that in Hypnotically Seduced and Building the Perfect Fetish, I had managed to capture the raw eroticism that readers of paranormal romances enjoy, and that if I wrote specifically for that genre, I could potentially attract a larger audience. Of course, I like the idea of reaching a larger audience, but I hadn’t considered writing paranormal romances.

Over the years I’ve read a ton of mind control erotica, sci fi and fantasy, and more than a few erotic horror novels. And of course, I write primarily in the same genres that I like to read. I have read only one book that could be qualified as a paranormal romance. I enjoyed it, but I hadn’t considered writing anything in that genre. But then I realized A Tango in Subspace is fairly romantic and a ghost story of sorts; it could qualify as a paranormal romance. I had written in that genre without even realizing it.

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