Paypal Problem resolved

By | June 2, 2012

The paypal problem has been resolved. They ‘once again’ determined that my recordings do not violate their terms of service. So I can resume sales of MP3 files immediately.

Thank the gods, I didn’t have to get a lawyer. In spite of the problem,  paypal’s bureaucracy, and the automated emails, their tech support people were actually quite nice and helpful.

2 thoughts on “Paypal Problem resolved

  1. Chewtoy

    This is the most positive Paypal customer service story I've run across. "They froze my account with no warning and wouldn't tell me why or return my emails" seems to be the stereotypical. I'm so glad it worked out well for you!

    (Also, glad and intrigued that your recordings don't violate their vague TOS. So downloadable adult content is sometimes ok? Logically, Paypal's TOS should be a strict superset of EBay's, but I've had trouble finding any statement of Paypal's TOS that's anywhere near as specific as EBay's.)

  2. Mesmer7

    Hi Chewtoy. Yes, Paypal's TOS is vague. It says "certain" adult content at their discretion would be a violation. I think Paypal has allowed my recordings because they are entirely audio, no explicit images.

    But my strongest argument was that they've been my payment processor for over 10 years. Their tech support people have looked at my web site and my merchandise several times while helping me resolve issues, and they have always before indicated my products were acceptable.

    Also Paypal has recently made their tech support a little more accessible. So maybe they're trying to correct their public image problem.

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