Playboy Radio was a lot of fun

The Artist's Brush - Erotic hypnosis helps you become more aware of your sense of touchNight Calls was a lot of fun tonight. We wanted to give a demonstration of how effective my recordings are. You can’t conduct an entire hypnotic induction over the air. But we arranged for me to hypnotize one of the ladies before the show. Alexia, the show’s associate producer called me about an hour before the show, and I recited the script for The Artist’s Brush.

This script is intensely erotic, and includes several suggestions to increase the sensitivity of the skin. “Every caress, anywhere on the body, is a sexual caress.” Then she joined Christy Canyon and Nicki Hunter on the air. The ladies had a ball teasing Alexia with light touches and simply blowing on her skin.  I’m told she was shaking in her panties from the intensity of the arousal.


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