Playing erotic hypnosis for your girlfriend or wife

Most of my erotic hypnosis MP3s are for women listeners. But I see a lot of husbands and boyfriends buying MP3s for their wives and girlfriends.  Yesterday of my customers asked me question about playing Introducing Erotic Hypnosis for his wife. He said he played the MP3 for her, but didn’t see any change. Here was my response:

I write all of my hypnosis scripts with the assumption that the listener wants to listen, wants to be hypnotized, and wants to accept the suggestions. If your wife is reluctantly listening or consciously rejecting the suggestions, there is nothing you can do. If she wants to accept the suggestions, but believes she cannot be hypnotized, then tell her to think of the MP3 as ‘entertainment’. As long as she enjoys listening to the MP3, she’ll continue to listen. And the more she listens and relaxes into the fantasy, the more likely she will be to eventually accept the hypnotic suggestions.
Also, you said you played the track for your wife. Does that mean you watched her while she listened? Your presence could be splitting her focus. I’d suggest giving her more privacy. Some people can’t relax or focus enough to go into a trance when another person is watching them.

After I wrote that, I remembered that many hypnotic inductions involve splitting the subject’s focus. Eye fascination inductions fatigue the mind by forcing the subject to focus on both visual stimuli and the hypnotist’s words. But this situation is different. When you ask your wife or girlfriend to listen to an erotic hypnosis MP3, and then watch her for a response, you can make her very self-conscious, creating the kind of stress or anxiousness that prevents someone from entering a trance.

If you buy an erotic hypnosis MP3 for your spouse. Let her listen to it in private. Give her the space to get used to the idea (and the feelings) of listening to a stranger describing sexual activities and making sexual suggestions. Give her time to get comfortable with the suggestions before you expect her to accept the post-hypnotic suggestions.

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