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Pleasure Drone - A erotic kidnap and brainwashing fantasyNew Release: Pleasure Drone

Yes, I finally finished it. You’re abducted, brainwashed and transformed into a pleasure drone. You are strapped into my special chair that erases your mind. You have no thoughts, desires, or will of your own. Then I transport you to my tropical island paradise and make you available to my guests. You bask in mindless, blissful serenity until a guest chooses you for his pleasure. Then you feel your mind and body fill with the desire to provide every pleasure he wants. You serve him eagerly until he is satisfied, then you return to basking in mindless serenity.

Inspired by the movie, Our Man Flint, this fantasy includes: abduction, brainwashing, erotic hypnosis, deep relaxation, MFF threesome, objectification, and serving in a brothel.

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