Forced Arousal

Experience forced arousal through erotic hypnosis. Once you are hypnotized, you’ll feel the hypnotist manipulate your body, your arousal and your sexuality. You might think of resisting, but you’ll feel your body respond.

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  • Manipulations - A hypnotic handjob


    This devious dominatrix will seduce you into trance with a hypnotic handjob. She uses your arousal to manipulate your subconscious, covertly conditioning your mind to crave more of her hypnotic manipulation and training to go into a trance whenever she touches your cock.

  • Demon Seed - A forced arousal and demonic rape fantasy

    Demon Seed

    A sexually explicit, forced arousal, and demon rape fantasy. The demon of lust and madness takes you to his lair. He binds you and skillfully inflicts pain, forcing your body to become intensely aroused.

  • Hypnotic Breasts put you in a trance


    A devious hypnodomme uses her hypnotic breasts to lure you into an erotic trance. She holds you hard and hypnotized; distracting your mind with overwhelming lust while she covertly takes full control of your sexual desires.

Showing all 3 results