Hypnotic Breasts

In these MP3s a domme uses her cleavage to seduce you into an sexual trance. With your cock hard and your mind distracted by arousal, she sneaks hypnotic commands into your subconscious and takes control of your sexuality.

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  • Hypnotic Breasts put you in a trance


    A devious hypnodomme uses her hypnotic breasts to lure you into an erotic trance. She holds you hard and hypnotized; distracting your mind with overwhelming lust while she covertly takes full control of your sexual desires.

  • Enthralling Rhythms - Get seduced and hypnotized by an exotic dancer

    Enthralling Rhythms

    An exotic dancer seduces you into a hypnotic trance. She enthralls your mind and cock, and shows you the pleasure of being sexually controlled.

Showing all 2 results