Enjoy romantic erotic fantasies through hypnosis and guided visualization. These MP3s describe sex as part of a romantic fantasy or loving relationship. Some contain post-hypnotic suggestions to help you rediscover the romance in your real-life relationships.

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  • A Tango in Subspace - Erotic Hypnosis for achieving subspace

    A Tango in Subspace

    A supernatural erotic/romantic fantasy that helps the listener embrace her natural desire for sexual submission. Intended for novice submissives and women who are still ‘just curious’ about submission.

  • The Artist's Brush - Erotic hypnosis helps you become more aware of your sense of touch

    The Artist’s Brush

    Become more aware of your body’s sensuality, to feel your erogenous zones expand and become more sensitive. Romantic. Non-D/s

Showing all 2 results