The Perfect Pet

A pet girl is a woman who lives and loves as a pet. You set aside linguistic thoughts and focus on your sensual awareness. You live fully in the moment, not worrying about the past or future. There is no shame or modesty. So you can live in the pure natural joy of your body. And most importantly, experience the joy of giving (and receiving) unconditional love and devotion.

This erotic hypnosis MP3 is designed to help you achieve a pet girl’s state of mind. In this MP3, I have you image yourself  at an age when your emotions flowed freely and naturally. And at this age, you come to me, and I train you to  keep your mind clear so you grow up more fully attuned to your senses. You practice your sensual awareness as you grow into a teenager; communing with nature, and reveling in your body’s natural sensuality.

Then you discover your desire to belong to a man, to bask in unconditional love and devotion. And as you think of all the boys and men you know, one stands out: your teacher. You go to him, submissively offering your love and devotion. He accepts, and shows you how sex between master and pet creates intimate bonds of unconditional love and devotion.

You wake with a clearer mind, a deeper sensual awareness, and the desire to give the unconditional love and devotion that will make you the perfect pet girl (for your chosen master).

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