Released: Building the Perfect [Hypnosis] Fetish

By | May 28, 2007

Building the Perfect Fetish is now available!

Written for both the casual and hardcore hypnofetishist; this story tells of a place hidden deep in the desert where young girls are hypnotized to release their natural sensuality. Embedded in this narrative erotic story is a covert hypnotic induction that regresses the listener to a young, impressionable age and takes her on a lifelong journey from watching her first trance, through understanding the natural connection between trance and sexual pleasure, to building an intense hypnosis fetish. While the conscious mind listens to the story, the subconscious will accept the many hidden post-hypnotic commands that will condition her to associate hypnosis with sexual pleasure, to crave being hypnotically controlled, and to accept the fact that sexual satisfaction can only be achieved by responding to hypnotic commands.