Remastered Introducing Erotic Hypnosis

Introducing Erotic Hypnosis - A beginner's hypnosis MP3 for women

I have been preparing to set up an affiliate program and talking with a potential affiliate about reviewing some of my Mp3s. And suddenly, I became very self conscious about how much I’ve learned since I produced my first MP3, Introducing Erotic Hypnosis.

It’s been 15 years since I recorded my first MP3. Back then I knew nothing about mixing tracks, using equalizers or adding reverb. I didn’t even add background music in my first recording. (I went back and added the music after I made my second recording.)

But preparing for these reviews made me self conscious about the difference in quality between that first recording and what I’ve produced more recently. So I went back and remastered it. I added the equalizer and the reverb and then remixed the background music, and I improved the quality a great deal.

So I’m issuing a remastered MP3 edition. The  people who’ve purchased the MP3 in the last few months will be able to upgrade for free. Previous customers will be able to upgrade for just $5 (USD).  I’ll be sending out announcements in the next few days.

Not sure if/when I’ll update the CD edition.

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